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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
for me Watchmen is the most underrated comic book movie of all time i have it in my top 5 of best cbm

beautiful cinematography and visually beautiful to look at,really underrated 1980's inspired score,great acting,action was very good and quite brutal,Manhattan origin section alone is worth it's praise
Agreed 1000%

I just don't understand the hate this movie gets. In one breath people say they didn't like it "because it strayed too far from the comic, we see Dr Manhatten's penis, Nite Owl & Silk Spectre have sex, and they changed the ending."

Well, out of all the things just listed, the only thing that strayed from the comic was the ending. Keeping all the things listed above that were in the comic and including them in the movie is actually part of what makes it such a damn good movie. And I found the movie's ending to be an acceptable alternative to the comic's ending.

Honestly, I don't think these people even know why they hat the film. I guess they decided that they have to hate something.

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