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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
I understand why they did it, but it doesnt make it any easier to just have Lex show up in MoS 2 like I think he will, in full on villain mode.
IMO they should have shown him having a bigger presence in MoS without actually having the camera on his face.

Maybe news reports stating that Lex blames superman for all thats happened, etc etc.

I think he needed a buildup in MoS. It would have been cool to see them show a young Lex and why he is the way he is as an adult. the whole time the camera could have just shown a back of the head shot o fan adult Lex, and flashbacks to his youth. they could later cast whomever they wanted as adult lex.

Yeah, I know, MoS was about superman, but Lex is gonna feel kinda forced now. unless they go the joker route like in TDK and we never know his true back story. he just IS.

Oh no. I think Lex will have a buildup.

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