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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Just got home from seeing this. My friends liked it a lot after having joked on me for taking them to MoS and PacRim, which they hated as much as I did. How do I say this though ....... I'm still trying to figure out what I just watched and how I feel about it.

On one hand you have a movie that attempted to be big in scope and there were lots of fun moments. I mean it makes the first film seem like a phone booth. On the other hand it just had soooooooo much going on.

Ultimately what is going through my head is that this movie struggled with transitions and having big endeavors. There are portions of the movie where characters just show up in places and the flow from one scene to the next is rocky. For instance they end up going from Svartelheim to Jane's Car, to Jane's apartment in like 30 seconds. I had these exact same issues with MoS. The best part of the film for me was the prologue in the beginning. Again, eerily similar to how I felt about MoS because the best part of that movie for me was Jor-El and the battle in Krypton. Bor had a major presence (wish we could've gotten so much more of him) and the fighting was so much more dynamic as the Asgardian forces took on the Dark Elves ......... BUT ........... that whole sequence was better served being flash backed to by Odin as he was discussing the Aether with Thor and Jane later in the film.

So you get a prologue AGAIN (which is kind of lazy from a narrative stand point) and then a really quick Vanaheim sequence. It got the pacing off to a bad start. That battle is supposed to be important because the Marauders "supposedly" had all the realms on the brink and yet Thor dispatches them in like 2mins. After that the movie was better able to settle down. They should've led in with Loki's arraignment and then the Marauder battle, followed by Thor's moping/sadness. That last part should've been the major arc in the film, Thor missing Jane, but being bound to Asgard. Instead it kind've gets brushed over to give us all the other endeavors it was trying to squeeze in. Then there was that whole situation with Thor sitting down at table with everyone explaining his plan. I didn't like how they jumped around showing each part of the plan separately because it lacked natural transition. Almost like Alan Taylor was getting too cute.

I'm not so sure the whole convergence thing was worthwhile. I mean it made for some fun moments in the final battle and whatnot ..... After a while it got to be too zany. One of my friends made me laugh though. After the film he turned to me and said, "I don't know what the hell was going on towards the end, but it was still fun." I think that statement will probably sum it up for many people, even I struggled with what I was watching and all the crafty switch hitting from Jane Foster as she was manipulating the convergence portals with her gizmo.

Some other things:

- I don't understand what all the fuss was about the comedy. There's not even half the amount there was in IM3. Most of it properly placed. Selvig is hysterical during the streaking and hugging Thor in his underpants.

- Malekith and Kurse were good villains. I think it would've been better off not having them speak their own language though. Reason I say this is because it's always difficult to connect with a character as you're having to juggle looking down at the translation while also trying to watch the emoting. I think in some spots the actors were too concerned with getting their lines right and it affected how they delivered. Kurse though, my God they did a great job with him. He's actually my favorite MCU villain right now (until Thanos is unleashed). Malekith wasn't nearly as short changed as some people have made him out to be. He was just a mad man hell bent of restoring the universe to the time before light. He had plenty of scenes. I quite liked him.

- The fight sequences (after the prologue) did let me down a bit. Marvel STILL needs to work on that element of their films. Too cookie-cutter. The end battle between Thor and Mal suffered. Thor dodging gooey red mist was boring and no official fighting skills on display. Then you have Kurse fighting Thor. He was really getting to show how what a nearly unstoppable force he was by punching the hammer, only to be quickly dispatched by a black hole generating grenade.

- The Captain America cameo was hysterical. I think it was worth the price of admission alone.

- Loki was as good as expected. Hemsworth handled his role just fine. The Warriors Three all had their own moment, well except for Hogun .... but hey at least he had his mustache. I've seen people complain about Jane being a plot device, but seriously what the hell else do people want? Would they rather she be the standard "kidnapped" archetype? By having the Aether consume her, it allows for Thor to inevitably commit Asgardian treason, whereby raising the stakes.

I'd give it a 7.0/7.5 ....... It had ambitions to be a huge film, but in the end I'm not so sure the screenwriters on this thing knew how to handle this material on a large scale. It's not the easiest to write for though. I mean they're blending Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Vikings, and present day settings. Remember the infamous "Do you ever give up? Nope!" line from CA:TFA? Well there were some poor lines similar to that. Example, where Thor is trying to reason with Odin and tells him he's no different than Malekith in which Odin responds something like "The difference is I will be victorious!" ..... you have such a heightened scene and it gets soured by a very generic line. The overall dialogue was much better in the first film.

One last thing. I think my thirst for following the production of these films via this site is kind of ruining the experience for me. I might need to cut back on that. The mid-credits scene with The Collector was interesting. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing. There was just something jarring about the Asgardians being on that set. It had the feel of a test shot. The girl with the pink-pastel face made me feel like I was looking at a person's halloween costume. Sif and Volstagg felt completely out of place.

The scene would've been better served showing us how they knew of The Collector in the first place. Other cameos we've had featured better flow and connectivity. For example, in IM2 we knew Coulson was getting sent to investigate disturbances in the southwest. In Avengers, Thanos was alluded to multiple times during sequences with The Other, then we get to see him. In this, Volstagg and Sif just randomly appear in The Collectors' lab. We have no prior knowledge of him and yet they're handing over such an important artifact. I understand Taylor's frustration with it.

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