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Default Re: Battle Of The Super Villains 2013

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Finally saw the film and I have to say Malekith vs God would be one hell of a battle. I'm going to have to give the edge to Malekith due to the sheer size of his powers with the Aether. Plus I don't think Malekith can be killed by normal means, no matter how strong and fast his opponent is.

Glad you finally saw TDW, hope you liked it as much as I did. It was Marvel's best film this year by miles (and so much better than Amazing Spider-Man).

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Not sure if I agree with your assessment of Malekith, as if that were true, why didn't he just disintegrate Thor ? You can't tell me that Thor's so tough he can stand up to a power that would destroy the 9 realms (or at least wipe out everything in them). If Thor could stand up to that, then he'd have nothing to fear from the Hulk, Superman, Odin or anybody else - how did Kurse beat on him ? It's a bit of a continuity error, and one that the writers could have pretty easily cleared up with a line or two of dialogue. But, for whatever reason, Malekith couldn't use the aether at full power against Thor.

Having said that, I still stand by my assertion that if he fought Zod, whoever got in the first decisive strike would win. Thor did pretty damn well in his fight with Malekith, and without Mjolnir. I know we don't agree on who's stronger,
but if Thor could stand up to Malekith, then Zod certainly could.

I suppose Zod's best bet on killing him would be incinerating him with heat vision, or chucking him into the sun.

However, if Malekith really could put the aether into a concentrated blast at full power, not Zod, Thor, the Hulk or anyone could stand up to it. Why he doesn't, just have to ask the writers I suppose.

Not sure if Malekith is dead at the end, although the space-ship collapses on him - in the comics he's quite hard to kill, and has appeared to die on several occasions. You're right that he takes a lot of killing, although generally he fakes his death - he's kind of less charming version of Loki (in terms of general trickiness, but with serious want-to-start-the-apocalypse issues, instead of daddy issues and sibling rivalry).

Kind of felt sorry for you Marvel fans, because TDW was a great superhero flick, Marvel's best this year, but man, that mid-credits scene sucked - was way out of place with the rest of the movie (the collector is supposed to have the best collection of weird stuff in the universe, and his place looked like an old pawn shop).

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