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Default Re: Underrated CB movies

Man, there are so many underrated Superhero films, I'll just put down 5 or so.

1. Dredd, actually got the spirit of the comics just right, and made it fit in a
believable world. Karl Urban was great. Probably not the best comic film ever
but still extremely cool.

2. Watchmen: got mediocre reviews, but I dare anyone to do a better adaptation of
Moore's masterwork ! The story-telling was about as faithful as a screen adaptation can get ( remember people, Jackson had to change Lord of the Rings to make it watchable, uh-oh, I can hear Tolkien nerds getting angry now, but back off, I was an extra in the Hobbit, so I'm not dissing Professor T, might surprise you to know that Andy Serkis is the nicest guy you'll ever meet, okay enough about that !)

On the down side for WM, I'll admit that big glowing blue penises don't work all that
well on the big screen (a jock-strap was definitely needed). But, overall a super film
right from the credits. They didn't hold back on what a murdering-rapist-psychopathic ******* the comedian was, or how Doctor manhattan was essentially a weapon of mass destruction who slaughtered viet cong. Plus, solid performances by Patrikc Wilson and Malin Ackerman, the real star, Jackie earle Hayley, man he nailed Rorschach, got the character EXACTLY RIGHT.

Anyway, I hate to say it, as someone who bought WM when it first came out,
it ****ing rocked my world, but Snyder/Tse's ending actually made more sense than
Alan Moore's . I know every Moore fan in the world is cursing me now, I know, I'm a Moore
fan myself. Anyway, the "giant alien squid " was just weird, whereas Doctor Manhattan turning against humanity, actually made sense, because people would be **** scared and stay that way, in case he ever came back. And of course Rorschach still gets blown up,
so big props to WM and Snyder !

3. Daredevil......just kidding ! It was crap

4. Speed Racer. Okay, mostly a kid's film, and only sort of a super-hero, but some
sly Wachowski humour (especially about corporate greed), and surprisingly a faithful adaptation of the classic hero's journey. If you don't take it seriously, it's a lot of fun.
But you need to watch it a couple of times to keep on top of things, as the non-linear narrative gets a bit disorienting.

5. Green Lantern.....again kidding ! There were a few okay moments, but man, they
**** all over one of my favourite characters, and Blake Lively was perhaps the most boring love interest in a superhero film ever. The only remotely cool thing was Mark
Strong as Sinestro. I like Ryan Reynolds, but boy was he ever miscast. All in all,
fun to watch, but crap.

5. Fantastic Four: rise of the Silver Surfer. Silly, and I actually prefer the anthropomorphized version of Galactus, but the old Doc Doom steals SS's powers
is such a classic storyline. Not a bad film, Silver Surfer was well done, if there'd
been a better Doctor Doom both FF movies would have been much more enjoyable.

6. You're all going to laugh.....Ghost Rider: spirit of Vengence (yes, you heard me, I was the one person in the world who liked it). I actually enjoyed Cage's crazy performance it was such a fun movie, incredibly stupid, but fun.

7. Ang Lee's Hulk. Liked it, a slightly different take on the character. Didn't like the explanation for his powers (especially as some of them come from sea cucumbers) but
loved NOlte as the mad scientist dad, classic. And an interesting adaptation of the
absorbing man. All in all, not a bad film. I had been looking forward to seeing the Hulk
wipe out tanks and various army hardware, this film delivered (that prick Talbot really
had it coming !) Also, Sam Elliot as General Ross, was suitably detestable.

I can probably think of a bunch more. Although I have a soft-spot for super-hero films.
generally, I'm much more critical as a moviegoer (e.g. I really enjoyed Howard the Duck,
for ****'s sake, it's fun ).

Anyway, Great thread !

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