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Default Re: Hulk vs Thor

I lost track of the comic book versions back in 1994, so I'll stick to the movie versions.

It all comes down to WHERE the fight takes place.

In close quarters, (e.g. the helicarrier, or underground, or indoors) wherever Thor can't access his full range of powers, the Hulk wins. If they fight toe-to-toe Hulk should crush Thor, because crushing puny gods is one of Hulk's specialties.

Outside, or where Thor can use his flight, lightning and other weather effects, then if he fights smart, he should defeat the Hulk. As long as Thor doesn't make it a straight-up contest of who's stronger, he's got a good chance.
A combination of lightning strikes, hurricane winds, tornadoes etc and multiple strikes from Mjolnir to keep the Hulk off balance, and the Hulk is in big trouble.

So there you have it. It all depends on who has the territorial advantage.

Peace out !

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