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Default Re: The Marvel/DC casting switcheroo game

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
With Ben Afflleck being Batman and Jaimie Alexander possibly in the running to be Wonder Woman, I thought of this interesting challenge for all of you. Ok, so the aim of this game is:

Who from any Marvel film/TV/other media would you cast in a DC film/TV/other media and vice versa?

I know that some of us like the roles some of the actors are in and wouldn't change it for the world, it's just some harmless, fun hypothetical thought experiment.

I'll start:

Chris Hemsworth-Aquaman

and of course Jaimie Alexander-Wonder Woman

Sorry I missed this thread earlier. Okay I'll buy in .

Not so sure as Hemsworth for Aquaman, he's a bit too pretty.
Aquaman's kind of rugged. Aquaman's hard, I'll get to him later.

But Jaime Alexander as WW, definitely, my wife and I were watching
Thor TDW and she said that JA would make a good WW, so spot on there.

..... what about .....

Christian Bale as Bruce Banner/Hulk (come on people he does rage better than anyone)

Scarlett Johanssen as Catwoman

Robert Downey Junior as ....actually, after the first Iron man film
he was so good, he should stay Iron Man.

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Peter Parker/Spiderman

(a bald) Tom Hardy as Lex Luthor

Chris Evans as the Flash (actually, I thought Ryan Reynolds would have made a good flash).

Christopher Eccleston as General Zod

Hugh Jackman as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Nicolas Cage as the Joker ( nobody is as crazy as Cage, YOO-HOO ! You *****ES it was all for HONEY !!!!)

how about some of those ?

- you can't swap Patrick Stewart, that guy was born to play Professor X.

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