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Default Re: MCU: Your Thoughts About The Infinity Stones (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Yeah. I really gotta imagine its the Reality Stone.

lol okay so apparently they are specific forces but not accurately color coded. What does that leave us with?

Space Stone - The Tesseract - Blue

Reality Stone - The Aether - Red

Time Stone - ? - ?

Soul Stone - ? - ?

Mind Stone - ? - ?

Power Stone - ? - ?

Green, Violet, Orange, Yellow

I gotta assume the GotG one is considered Purple and it must have something to do with Ronan the Accuser. He totes around a hammer called "The Universal Weapon." Sounds like it could be Infinity based. That maybe the stone seen in the GotG banner is what powers his hammer. Then my guess is perhaps "power" or "time."

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