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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by horacethegrey View Post
It's disheartening to see people so dismissive of the first film. Maybe if people read these two articles they'll reconsider their viewpoint:

'Thor' meets Kenneth Branagh (say WHAT?): The franchise gods approve (and so would Shakespeare)

You're All Wrong: The Best Marvel Movie Is 'Thor'
No, Thor was always my least favorite Marvel film. I think if we (or more specifically, "I") learned anything from The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight, it's that I'm much more interested in a strong central antagonist. Focused and deliberate. And while Loki is an antagonist in Thor and so is Laufey and The Destroyer, and even Odin in some sense, none of them pose a true threat to Thor as a character. Whereas Loki becomes a threat in Avengers and Malekith/Kurse are a very viable very REAL threat to Thor in TDW.

Beyond that, Thor is depowered for most of the first film. Which is typically fine and completely understandable in origin films (Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man) in Thor it's unfortunate. Because the first 30 minutes of the film are so awesome! And they show him being a god and being a badass. And then for the next hour he is a human. So it's bittersweet when he reclaims the power he already had.

All in all I like Thor, but it is at the very bottom of the 8 films in the MCU thus far. It's better than Agents of SHIELD. But that's not saying much.

Originally Posted by dru-zod2501 View Post
like what?
Well there are a couple things I could mention. The pacing in Thor was a little better. TDW has a lot happening in under two hours. I just think TDW couldve stood to be 10-20 minutes longer, while Thor was the right length. Darcy was much more out of place in Thor 2. And she was already slightly out of place in Thor 1. The humor was on par in both imo. So it gets a tie in that respect.

Other than that Thor 2 was better in all aspects. Less awkward love affair, more interesting action, more action in general, etc.

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