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Default Re: Spiderman in the Avengers "world"?

Originally Posted by Octavias View Post
First off since there has been a push for some acknowledgement on a corporate level, and was going to happen had time constraints not been an issue. I actually think there would be a good chance someday references to the sony franchises will be made in the MCU, but it would be subtle and not cameos or full out crossovers like some might want. An oscorp reference in an MCU movie. A Shield reference in a spiderman...

The only way there is more is if Sony really does decide to close the entertainment side of its business, or spin it off into a company Disney could buy out.. they have had such rumors over the last five years for business reasons, but barring that I just don't see anything more than an easter egg that really means nothing coming anytime soon.
I have not heard anything about Sony closing the entertainment side.

A Shield reference in Spider-Man isn't necessary. If MCU references are made it will be very simple, such as:

- Peter and Gwen are walking in the park and they see a bunch of school kids. One of those school kids has a backpack with Iron Man on it or a lunchbox with Captain America on it.
- A young man on campus reading a book about the Howling Commandos.
- Peter is by himself in the park and he sees group of kids playing with action figures and included in those action figures are Avengers.

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