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Default Re: The Jaimie Alexander/Lady Sif thread

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
Jamie would make a fantastic WW as I always imagined WW as the most beautiful female ever who also looks like she could kick some serious ass. Jamie would be a worthy successor to Lynda Carter.

...But if she does become WW she shouldn't appear in Thor again. Then again I think the next movie should focus more on Thor and Loki so it wouldn't bother me if most of the supporting cast don't show up in the 3rd movie.
I would prefer it if she jumped ship to WB. I imagine she's not very happy with her screen time in the sequel anyway. Jaimie is a big fan of Wonder Woman so I can envision Snyder/Goyer luring her away since they're comic literate. With that said, it's up to whoever Snyder/Goyer want for the role (Zack wanted Affleck for Batman after all -- inspired and bold choice to say the least). I just pray it's not Olga. She's so damn sexy but she's also quite dry and bland as an actress.

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