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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Thor 2 was pretty good, but Thor 1 wins this for me, the sequel just lacked a lot of the heart and emotion the 1st movie, while not really improving on the 1st in enough areas either.
I don't get this at all.

No heart or emotion? The relationships of the Asgardians were portrayed beautifully. Thor/Odin, Loki/Frigga, Thor/Loki etc. all very well done. Without giving up any spoilers, it had so much more emotion than the the first. I'm not a fan of the Thor/Jane relationship (He's nuts to reject Sif), so the emotion there didn't mean a lot to me, but even that was given more depth than the first film.

I didn't like the twist at the end, because I think it cheapened what was an excellent scene.

Aside from that, the look of the film was fantastic. the costumes and sets were the best I've seen in a great while and the action sequences were great.

There were certainly problems. I'm not a fan of fantasy stories involving infinite power that's just there, then hidden away till someone unearths it again. And Darcy is nothing but cheap laughs that don't fit, no matter how hot Kat Dennings is. They should have done something more with her character.

Not only is Thor 2 better than one, it's better than pretty much everything Marvel has offered thus far, including Avengers.

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