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Default Re: Battle Of The Super Villains 2013

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Also after finally watching the Kurse vs Thor fight, it never seemed like Thor was going to die or be KO'ed at any point. He just seemed to be all "ooh ahh" then continue to get up, he got a few blows on Thor as well.
Dude, I'm going to go and see TDW again this week (or next) sometime, and I will watch that scene like a hawk, because when I saw it the first time,
I got the impression Thor was in serious trouble.

If you're right I'll admit it, but I think the movie worked better if Thor really was screwed (let's forget about our earlier Superman vs Thor debate for a moment) because then it raises the stakes and tension, and develops the character of Loki - If Loki didn't need to step in, then it makes that bit kind of pointless. Just IMO.

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