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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
We all will of course be colored by which of the two heroes are our favorites.

However, I personally think MoS underperformed due to the script. At several points it even fails to make sense to me. For example, the entire Krypton sequence (including Jor-El's tale in the space ship) tells us one thing about how wrong everything is but it shows us the opposite. The only thing that is both said and shown is that Krypton as a physical planet is doomed. Otherwise people could clearly excel in other areas than they were born and created to be, as the scientist Jor-El absolutely beats the crap out of Zod. There's also no reason shown why Jor-El and Lara couldn't have gone with their son because they showed that they could turn their backs on everything Krypton stood for (but they stated that they couldn't).

Cavill does a good job as Supes (I was skeptical going in but he proved himself in my eyes) but he's imo shortchanged by the script at times showing him off in a bad light. Like choosing not to save his father rather than failing to do so makes him less sympathetic to me, and it also is a worse bridge to the person he is at the beginning of the movie. Also how he is he one putting people in danger by actively taking the fight from the hicks into Smallville.

I think there's a lot of potential here but I'm disappointed in that Goyer gets the writing job for the sequel as well.
You are absolutely correct that our preference for one or the other of the two characters certainly colours our view.

With that in mind, allow me to respond to your critique. I am happy to admit, that MOS wasn't perfect, but then the original Superman movie has the lamest Superhero movie ending ever, but has 93% on rotten tomatoes and nearly everyone I talked to loved it (including me), but come on, flying around the world really fast so it spins backwards and that turns back time? Even if just Supes travelled back in time that wouldn't fix all the damage. In terms of plot devices or deus ex machine, that was just awful....but nobody cares.

Anyway, I appreciate your criticisms of the film, but in response:

Krypton: the reason Jor El could excel at more than just science (i.e. ass kicking) was that he was the smartest guy on Krypton, but also the idea of doing more than you were born to do, was his whole point -the whole point of the speech he gave Kal in the scoutship anyway.
Zod represented and was proof of the opposite. ONce he had no purpose he practically asked Superman to kill him.

As to Jor El not leaving. Practically, don't know if they had too many spaceships around, having abandoned space exploration as their resources ran out (remind you of any real life examples...hint, a country that used to have a space shuttle?) . Jor El had to make a tiny spaceship for his infant son, in his living room, so we can assume they weren't easy to come by

He couldn't leave earlier, as his pregnant wife was carrying his child. And everyone knows hyperspace travel isn't recommended for women in their last trimester.

In the original film Jor El promises to stay on Krypton, to avoid mass panic. Maybe he did the same here, as he knew that "everyone here is already dead." The reason he gives Kal is a philosophical one, that it was up to him to be the future of Krypton, not tied to its past.
All in all, I thought it worked.

Smallville fight: This one's been done to death, but I'll touch on it since you brought it up. The Kryptonians attacked Superman in downtown smallville, true he ended up there after he attacked Zod, but he probably wasn't thinking at that point, which was dumb, but understandable. He slammed into Zod, probably not thinking about the consequences, as he was busy punching Zod in the face.

Then the Kryptonians get dropped off in downtown Smallville, where the fight starts.
Anyway, given Faora's "we will kill a million more" statement, if he'd left, she'd have merrily started slaughtering the population. Once the fight started he tried to fly away a couple of times and got grabbed and slammed into the ground. I would also argue that the Army did most of the damage to Smallville when the jets strafed the main street, fired missiles and then crashed.
Either way, Superman can't take too much blame for that one.

Tornado Scene: Okay, here you have a point. I thought it was a very powerful idea, but not terribly well executed. If there had been a better reason why Clark couldn't rush out and save Pa Kent, maybe....although Pa Kent specifically told him not to. I'm not sure the people under the bridge would have really been paying too much attention as they were probably distracted by clinging for their lives to the overpass.
Anyway, with a little better scripting, that scene could have really been something. I found it good, but could have been better.

MOS isn't perfect, but then no movie is. ON that subject, with respect, I really enjoyed Thor TDW, but having only seen it once, can't pick too many holes in it....yet. This does not mean the holes aren't there (as there are a number of plot holes in Thor).

Here are a few that I've thought of so far.....

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

- if the aether can wipe out everything in the 9 realms, how come it doesn't just wipe out Thor ? Given that Kurse pummelled him, that doesn't seem right.

-why do the asgardian warriors bring a gun fight, when the dark elves attack ?

-where was the destroyer ? haven't they fixed it yet ?

- why couldn't Odin see through Loki's disguise ?

- why does the Collector's place look like an old pawn-shop and he come across like a drag-queen hairdresser, given that he's an immortal elder of the universe with the biggest collection of stuff in the universe ?

And why would Vostaag and Sif get sent to do give him an infinity gem, wasn't there anybody more qualified ?

And if Loki is in charge, masquerading as Odin, why would he do that ?
Why would he send away an object of immense power, given that Loki (in Thor, and the Avengers) was seeking ways to make himself more powerful, surprise surprise, using objects of great power.

- Why have Heimdall guard the Bifrost, which can be turned on and turned off, instead of all those back-door routes that Loki knows about. The rest of asgard, or at least Thor and probably Odin know about these after the first Thor movie, since Loki mentioned them then (which means Heimdall would know too, as Loki told him).

But hey, no movie is perfect, and none of these make the movie less enjoyable. I rated MOS 9/10 and Thor TDW 8/10, and since I'm a Super-fan
(and not a Thor fan, although after this film I might be) that's saying a lot.

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