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Default Re: IF Wolverine 3 happens,what should be the story of that movie?

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
DOFP will probably end in the altered future/modern-day world.

What makes you so sure that they will open the next film in the past decade like the 70s?
Because that Is likely when all future films In series will go from now on
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Magneto never becoming the X-men's arch nemesis as rumored ending hints at immetely erases Trilogy.Wolverine won't be recruited In vietnam for team X thanks to time travel plot of DOFP erasing Origins,and Cyclops and Jean being alive as rumored ending says means The Wolverine Is erased.

future films In frnachise including next solo Wolverine film will likely be set In between post 1973 ending of DOFP and
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and altered 2023 at end of DOFP based on rumored ending

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