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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

But that's the thing: none of this has any merit. Everyone is expecting Superman to be perfect, and do anything, which wouldn't create any conflict. The scout ship crashed in buildings, sure, but buildings next to those that the black zero destroyed. So either no one was there, or they were dead anyways. And preventing the building from collapsing, I don't understand that.

Besides, doesn't anyone see that by revealing that there were causalities, and collateral damage was a fact, that they were being honest and not playing it safe because it was Superman. That at least is something Marvel hasn't really done. Think about it: ASM had a scene that said that there was a reason why Peter got his powers and it worked when no one did, hinting that his father did something to him; that scene was deleted and rewritten. Even though they said it will return for ASM2, I haven't heard anything from it, and why? That idea does sound interesting, and you could go places with it. Is it because of fan blacklash over something before we see it play out? Another example is The Avengers, where you see Manhattan get damaged, but they did not hint nor suggest that people did indeed die from those attacks.

That's why Snyder and Goyer should be given props for doing what they did: they were honest, gave us a realistic world much like ours for the characters and story to live in, and again, didn't play it safe just because it was Superman.

P.S. you can add Zod's death with that statement too.

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