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Default Re: iron Man's first flight or Superman's (MOS) first Flight?

Originally Posted by chiefchirpa View Post
I don't see it to be condescending, but just speaking a slight fact that adults is less prone to get attached to fantastic entertainment, whether you want to admit or not. If grownups mind too much on fantasy, they would forget on the real issues easily - family, jobs, economy, social life. Adults have responsibilities (more so if they have families) and instill a self-compass on what adds benefit to their life or not. Entertainment is just what it is; to intersperse your daily routines only if it's needed. But entertainment can't be the norm unless you make a living out of it or you're still a minor. Children? Yes children could have more "playtime" (read: entertainment) than adults because they are not expected to have responsibilities at their ages. Children don't work, study, or achieve much on anything that could only happen if they cut back their "playtime".

I don't suppose you could say most HP fans are adults. Potter is last decade phenom and it's public knowledge that their core fans are tweens who have become young adults now. I doubt when they've become adults a majority of them still carry out their magic brooms. Star Wars geeks are SW geeks, also have grown ups now. Some become Convention-going SW geeks but that's not the norm. My nickname was created a decade ago and I have a passing interest on Starwars. Yes I do like escapist entertainment, but no I'm not madly in love with it so I keep reading SW or any comics, having SW posters plastered on the wall or imaging myself in a Stormtroopers suit while working.

Please don't go with religion == Superman/fictional supernatural stories, people are sensitive on that. Religion is not fiction to some, heck most people perhaps - including me.
Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding this discussion, but it sounds like you're arguing that it's more acceptable for adults to be into something like Iron Man or Batman because they're more plausible characters, and that interest in fantasy characters like Superman or Luke Skywalker will lead to professional and social disarray. I don't see how it's a problem as long as one recognizes that they aren't real. I think people here should be recognizing the implausibility of characters like Batman as well instead of trumpeting them as being more sophisticated and mature just because the protagonist has no powers. You do realize that Batman routinely fights a shape-shifting mud-man and a human/bat hybrid, right? Fantasy has been part of pretty much every so-called realistic comic book character at DC and Marvel since their inception.

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