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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by roach View Post
It's funny because I just got done watching All Star Superman and their were moments in his fight with Lex where he is thrown through buildings…the same thing happened in the Justice League cartoons…where there is mass destruction. I don't get why it's an issue here.

and I get that Superman is held to a higher standard but I still feel it's hypocritical that we have devoted so much time discussing the right and wrong of Superman killing and yet praise the Iron Man movies which killed it's villains all three times. We blame Loki and the Chitauri for the destruction in NY but we blame Superman for the actions of his villains. We open our minds to all manner of interpretations of the Marvel characters (let's face it Captain America is probably the only Marvel hero that acts like his comic book counter part…maybe Black Widow…Hawkeye wasn't douchey enough)…yet Superman must be locked into this stone set of ideals that we have for him. We allow Marvel to interpret as they like and then fault Superman for not behaving like he did in Action Comics #237.
I think part of it is that a lot of people don't like the movie, they don't really understand why they don't like it, and thus they gravitate to simplistic arguments. There's also the fact that a lot of people who do know what they're talking about dislike the movie for distinct reasons and with distinct explanations, but when you meld their positions it loses their coherence.

People didn't want to see Superman kill because they have that preconception that he doesn't kill. By having Superman kill, they were breaking a taboo, and there was not much payoff for that taboo. It was just a simple action sequence, it was not built up to in the movie prior to that scene nor was it followed up following that scene, so it breaks a taboo and doesn't feel integrated.

It's not an issue for Iron Man because Iron Man has very few actual fans, people didn't have preconceptions. My only preconception of Iron Man was from the last season of the 1990s Spider Mn cartoon... and from that all I wanted was for War Machine to eventually show up and he did. They satisfied my preconceptions of Iron Man in the first movie. And most viewers had even fewer preconceptions of Iron Man than me. At best they had vaguely heard of Iron Man.

Nearly nobody reads the comics. However, Superman had five movies out by the time MoS came out, and two TV shows, Lois and Clark and Smallville were both very successful for several seasons. It's not the same. The comics, imo, should only be used a testbed for story ideas.

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