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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
If you want to call Transformers racist you can, but let's not pretend that the Avengers doesn't tap into the matrix of oppression.

Tony Stark -- The leader, white male in 50s and good at everything;
Bruce Banner -- White male, 40s or 50s
Thor -- White male, might be 1000 years old, looks like he is 28.
Steve Rogers -- white male, looks like he is 30, really he's ~92 years old.
Hawkguy -- white male, looks like he is in his 30s
Natasha Romanov -- white *female*, probably early 30s

This is a cast of white heroes that the audience can get behind, the Avengers cast in costumes could be argued to look like a ku klux klan halloween party. Transformers at least had some black cast members who contributed, certainly more than Nick Fury who is there to contribute as a motivational speaker. Further, not only is the cast white, but it's not even a diverse white: it's specifically a northern european white.

Contrast this to Man of Steel, which had black actors for General Swanwick and Perry White, and of their white actors, not all were northern European exraction (e.g. Chris Meloni, Ayelet Zurer, Alessandro Juliani, Antje Traue). If race is an issue you genuinely care about, then Avengers is far behind Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, or Man of Steel.

I leave aside some of the offensive jokes in the Avengers, which mock adopted people, Germans, etc. I also leave aside the military porn at the start, where Shield mocks some incompetent eastern European mobsters in a show of American military (we have F-18s on your ass!!!) meant to stroke the audience's ego about the distribution of power in the world.
Wow just wow, I normally agree with you on a lot of your posts but lately find myself disagreeing with a lot of the things you state. How is MOS anymore better than Avengers in terms of diversity? Hell I would say the role of Nick Fury was more relevant than that of Perry White and the general. You talk about white washing? What about krypton? A race of highly evolved beings who are God like on earth, funny there was no black kryptonians in site. A minority could take offence to that saying what only the white man can come from an advanced race. Also I am sure minorities don't care about whether a Caucasian person comes from Western Europe or Eastern Europe because all they see is a white person so your remarks as to even the Caucasian cast being diverse falls short. And MOS pushed the American military agenda more so than Avengers ever did. All those ads about the military and the likes how did you miss that. At the end of the day neither movie is racist but if you want to pick on one for something might as well do the other.

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