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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
One of the things that struck me when watching CA:TFA, and I admit that I was falling asleep in that movie, but anyway in the parts where I managed to stay awake, was that Red Skull had superseded Adolf Hitler. He had more and better weapons and resources than Hitler ever had. Further, the US military was focusing their greatest military asset (Captain America) on fighting Red Skull, not on Normandy or wherever. We also see, as part of Red Skull's arc, that he eventually grows to completely ignore Hitler, and then absolutely nothing happens to him afterwards. All of which, together, proves that within the movie's narrative, and thus within the historical perspective of Steve Rogers, Red Skull was the dominant German figure of World War II.

Regardless of whether or not that comment was meant to be funny, it is still an offensive and ultrasimplistic comment. It taps into the audience's belief that Germans = Nazis. That's the reason they wrote that scene to take place in Germany. So that they could compare Loki to Hitler.

Let's leave aside the fact that Loki is a poor allegory for Hitler.
I just read online (frankly even I did not remember) but Red Skull was working for Hitler and hadn't in any way supplanted him.

And I see the scene completely differently. It was poignant precisely because it was staged in Germany. The German people were not villainized at all, Loki was! A German Holocaust survivor actually stood up to Loki.

That scene, to me, basically meant that what they were telling Loki was, we did not even stand down in front of Hitler and defeated him (the greatest monster ever on our planet), who the **** are you? And we will not stand down in front of you.

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