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Default Re: Comparing the movies Thor and Man of Steel

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
However, I personally think MoS underperformed due to the script. At several points it even fails to make sense to me. For example, the entire Krypton sequence (including Jor-El's tale in the space ship) tells us one thing about how wrong everything is but it shows us the opposite. The only thing that is both said and shown is that Krypton as a physical planet is doomed. Otherwise people could clearly excel in other areas than they were born and created to be, as the scientist Jor-El absolutely beats the crap out of Zod. There's also no reason shown why Jor-El and Lara couldn't have gone with their son because they showed that they could turn their backs on everything Krypton stood for (but they stated that they couldn't).
Actually the opening of the film sets up why Krypton are doomed to fail quite well imo. First, Jor-El was clearly trained in combat, and thus partial breed for it as well. His possession of battle armor shows this, so lets just put that to side.

The reason Jor-El and Lara don't go with Kal-El is because they know they are part of the problem on a intellectually level. Because of how they were breed, heck programmed, they consider it from the point of view of a scientist. They realize that they are inherently flaw on a genetic level.

They never turn their back on Krypton, they go about saving Krypton in their own way, in the way they were breed. This is no different from the council or Zod. Each group is using the logic they were breed to have to try and save their planet. The scientist, through science. The warrior, through combat. The politician, through a strong political base. This is why none of them can see the others point of view. They all want to save Krypton, but none of them can do it any other way then how they were breed. Thus, the doom of Krypton is inherent within the Kryptonians themselves.

That is why one of the major themes of the film, perhaps the theme, is choice. Jor-El, Lara, Zod, Faora, and all the other Kryptonians breed from the codex don't truly have it. They can only think from within their little genetic box.

Clark on the otherhand does have free will. He was able to learn values from the Kents, to mess up. He can choose. Like how he chooses to protect Earth.

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
Cavill does a good job as Supes (I was skeptical going in but he proved himself in my eyes) but he's imo shortchanged by the script at times showing him off in a bad light. Like choosing not to save his father rather than failing to do so makes him less sympathetic to me, and it also is a worse bridge to the person he is at the beginning of the movie. Also how he is he one putting people in danger by actively taking the fight from the hicks into Smallville.
Clark didn't actively take the fight to Smallville. It is pretty apparent that he snaps at Zod attacking his mother and unleashes upon him. He was not thinking "well we might crash through some silos and end up in the middle of town", he is thinking "get your hands off my mother".

Now I want you to imagine someone threatens your mother and puts their hands on her. I personally would probably lose it, and attempt to hurt the other person quite badly. The same happens with Clark, except him and Zod are super beings. It happens on a grander scale.

For the most part, I never understand this criticism of Clark in this film. He has been incapable of reacting physically to anything his entire life, and on an emotional level, he is all kinds of messed up. Thinking himself a freak, finding out he is alien, and not know how or why he is on Earth.

That he isn't the "perfect" version of Superman yet makes perfect sense. Just how Bruce isn't the perfect Batman yet in Begins.

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I think there's a lot of potential here but I'm disappointed in that Goyer gets the writing job for the sequel as well.
Goyer is a good ideas guy, bad at the execution. It basically falls to the director to make it all work. I think for the most part Snyder did that in MoS. Not to a Nolan level, but pretty close.

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