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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
I don't know - with the cowl, horns, DD symbol and red unitard, Matt's got a very loud costume. Movies that handled the introduction of similar types of suits - Raimi's Spider-Man, Batman Begins, Captain America: TFA - all eased the viewer into the final suit by having our hero wear transitional costumes and explaining how and why we ended up with the final outlandish design. You don't need half a season, but if Netflix and Marvel are starting from the fixed fight and the accident they need at least a couple of episodes to get DD where he needs to be.
DD's costume can get by with some practical and symbolic excuses. If you're going to go out thug-hunting at night on the rooftops, you're going to need a dark (even dark red), aerodynamic unitard kind of suit; and the horns and the like can be symbolic, designed to elicit fear and urban legends, just like the Batsuit in BB. I don't think audiences would find that too hard to grasp, especially in a universe that's already filled with superheroes and villains in funny costumes. DD's threads have always been cooler and sexier than some of the more garish Gold/Silver Age designs.


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