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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Making Earth the center of the situation, while having a portal that leads to a place that is suppose to be impossible to find are just two examples.
After what, 5000 years? The convergence awakens the Aether and it is the source for these blurred borderlines of the realms. It may have been hidden REAAAAALLY really well but it is, in itself the source of this reality warping. Thusly, Earth is not the center of the situation, The Aether is. And being the one focal point blurring the lines between the other realms, one of which is Midgard. Another of which (if you remember) was Asgard, when Loki's little portal pops them out walking distance to the Aether's hiding place as well?

Still. Not really seeing any particular cinematic catastophy of a "convenience"

Lets look at some other conveniences.

Rhodey fits perfectly into Iron Man MK II?
Loki fell off the bifrost and somehow ended up in Midgard with no explanation.
Captain America being discovered in the ice just months before The Avengers have to gather to defeat Loki's army?
Bifrost is destroyed but Odin can summon dark energy to transport Thor to earth just before The Avengers have to gather to defeat Loki's army.
Iron Man fell through the closing tesseract portal split seconds before it closes. pretty freaking convenient if you ask me.

Yet this one is the one that is the problem?

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