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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by C. Lee View Post did take 5,000 years for someone to find it....and the only reason anyone found it then was because of the giant worlds/dimentions/realms once every 5,000 years convergience. If you think it was "too convient" that Jane found is also "too convienient" that the convergience happened in the time frame where Thor has a special feeling about the people of Earth instead of two hundred years ago when he wouldn't have cared less about our puny planet.
And again, also not seeing a crime of convenience here. The Aether has awakened in the same basic era/time frame as the Tesseract. Which one might be able to deduce that ALL of the infinity stones are being awakened for the same purpose/ends or by the same means. Sure it just so happens that Jane is alive during that time frame and that Thor was banished in a similar timeframe. But then is not his banishment in Thor 1 in the year 2011 (and not 1911 or 2011 BC) more convenient than anything that happens in Thor 2?

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