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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
That's close to what I'm thinking right now as well. I also think with the April release date and SHIELD/Avengers supporting cast, Cap might actually top Thor domestically in Phase 2. Their domestic takes in Phase 1 were so close, and I feel like Cap has more advantages this go-round. I'm sure Thor will remain tops worldwide, though.
Cap 1 sold roughly the same # of tickets with far more competition than Thor. Even though Thor: The Dark World is looking at low $200s domestic, Cap with a month to itself might push into the mid-$200s.

I think a great model for Captain America foreign growth is Star Trek: Into Darkness. While I doubt we'll see the gross double, I think we'll see it head well into the upper $200 M range.

I'd really like to see this film break $500 M ww. I used to be way more confident about that then I am now, as I expected Thor to have a much stronger post-Avengers growth (I expected $250 M domestic, 500 M foreign.) Even post Avengers, the GA is still only marginally more interested in the non-Downey Avengers than they were before it.

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