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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by ares834 View Post
Um, yes it is. The fact that she stumbled upon one of these anomalies is fine. The problem is that this portal takes her directly to the Aether. The chances of it taking her to the Aether rather than any other place in the nine worlds completely strains credibility. And this isn't the only time something like this happens.

Another huge one is that Thor and Jane just happen to stumble upon the portal that the intern threw the keys through.
She doesn't just stumble upon it. They are researching it and they aren't in London for no reason. When they come to the site of the anomalies she discovers a new reading, which is the Aether. It's of course an unlikely event, but if the Aether was hidden well then it would take something unlikely to find it.

The part with the portal back to Earth is what anyone that wants to talk about plot conveniences should mention, not the first one.

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