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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm not very surprised with the 'meh' reactions. The trailers so far have been lacking any real appeal.

The first 'Thor' had a subpar script, made of half choices, where nothing seemed like it had any real weight, and where the directive from the studio/producers seemed: 'Introduce these guys quick, so we can move to the big crossover.' But then it had one saving grace: its director. Kenneth Branagh.

Branagh fully believed in the flick, despite the weak-ish script. He tried hard to give the movie personality, to flesh out the characters (as much as was possible under the circumstances), and to bring a Kirby-esque feel to the look of the movie. Kind of a novelty in fantasy cinema. And of course some people complained about the look being unusual for a fantasy flick.

Now: I can't judge further until I see the movie, but the previews for 'The Dark World' so far have done very little to impress me. Once again, the impression is that there's not much at stake, and in addition gone is the charm Branagh brought to the first pic. Out goes that, in comes a direction which looks like it's trying to be as similar as possible to the recent fantasy fare.

Call me unimpressed. Let's hope it'll be a pleasant surprise (the movie is not out yet in Italy).

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