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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Now that we've seen that street level heroes are going to TV, I've revised what I want to see a bit.

2015 Ant-Man (confirmed for summer)

Spring 2016: Hulk 2 (by the time that Ant-Man came out, it'll have been nine months since the last Marvel studios production and a year since any familiar characters showed up. This is the time to release a Hulk movie since it'll be far less risky. The tone would be a lighthearted monster romp in Tokyo with The Leader as the villain. The Avengers proved that an angsty Hulk is far less entertaining than a Hulk who just goes around blowing things up.)

Autumn 2016: Doctor Strange (Autumn to take advantage of Halloween with the first Marvel horror film. Bringing it out come October when fans want to see something scary combined with the Marvel brand makes this one excellent release date.)

Summer 2017: Thor 3 (early summer since that's when box office numbers are highest. That plus Thor is a proven box office hit. Aim for June.)

Holiday 2017: Captain Marvel (late autumn just to fill the gap for a holiday movie. Something to sell tickets that's more a comedy than anything else. Captain Marvel fits the bill perfectly. Ignoring the Carol Corps at this point is commercial suicide.)

Spring 2018: Captain America 3 (once the dump months are over, releasing this in May is a great way to kick off blockbuster season. Using The Bloodstone Hunt as the storyline is also the way to wrap up the plot with the Infinity stones and introduce Zemo.)

Late Summer: 2018 Black Panther (BP has all the markings of a summer film with it having the potential to provide some high octane martial arts action that fans want to see.)

Holiday 2018/Winter 2019: Black Widow (Because who doesn't like James Bond style action at a time of year when everything is a feel good holiday film or an animated flick, putting out a spy movie is a very good idea. By this point, Black Widow will be enough of an established character to hold her own at the box office. That and a closing chapter on what the individual Avengers are doing. It'll have a lower budget than other films so maybe a TV show would work better if Scarlett Johansson is willing to do a Netflix series as opposed to a two-hour movie.)

Spring 2019: Guardians 2 (This would work as the prelude to Avengers 3. Something that shows Thanos collecting the infinity stones from Asgard, The Collector and The GotG by the film's end. Aiming for April or May provides enough of a lead until August to build hype but not so long that fans lose interest. This would also be the introduction of Nova to the team since Sam or Richard would fit right in. This is also a perfect excuse to use the Kree-Skrull War or Operaton Galactic Storm storylines.)

Late Summer 2019: Avengers 3 (August is when you do the big finale. Particularly early August when people are likely to still be on vacation and the southern hemisphere begins to warm up.)

This leaves only a few undeveloped properties. Ghost Rider and Blade can wait until Phase 4 as Marvel has said that they want to see how Doctor Strange performs first. Inhumans can also be a Phase 4 film as Black Widow and Captain Marvel are already two new female-led preoperties. That's all of three new franchises for Phase 4 to fully complete the Marvel U.

And Kevin Feige says that he has plans until 2021. I just shaved two years off. Unless he means that 2021 is the year that another big event film happens, in which case, I'd say to prolong Phase 3 by one year to keep it decompressed, then do Inhumans in 2021 since that'll require a massive budget anyway.

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