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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I would also. Loki, Jane, Odin, Siv and the Warriors Three are great supporting characters. Hell, Erik was a great supporting character in Thor and The Avengers. So why was the latter completely degraded into a running joke, Odin made to act completely out of character and Siv and the Warriors Three neglected in favor of Kat Dennings and an intern?
Character progression. Simple as that. Sometimes it is just not about the plot but about characters and in Selvigs case this being a sequel comes into play. If Selvig had been unchanged after the events in TA, I guess the same people would protest about the lack of his character progression that are now protesting because there was.
Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
This I like. That it attaches itself to Thor's girlfriend out of everyone in the universe though, why didn't it just open a portal to Malekith in that case? If it "active" while in the stone of course.
One reason might be Malekith's hibernation mode. When the Aether was on the search for a host, Malekith had not awoken yet.
Originally Posted by warriorking View Post
Guys take a breath, except the fact its not the movie you wanted or expected and then... Go see it again..
You will be surprised how much you like it the second time, I was a little disappointed when I saw it Thursday..
I saw it again on Saturday and found myself really enjoying the movie for what it is..
Sure it has some flaws but you will find yourself more forgiving the second time, trust me..
And watch those around you, they are having a great time...This movie is not a flop by any means and Marvel is pleased.
We will see a Thor 3 and it to is going to cause the same dissent any follow up sequel brings..
I don't think it is necessarily dissent, just a bunch of people that have no sense of humor

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