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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Despite having mixed feelings after seeing Thor: The Dark World, I find it funny that some of the things I was worried about from early reviews I didn't mind and some of the things people were positive about I was a tad disappointed with.

Frigga's death and the funeral were perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned. People made it sound like the overall scene was 10 seconds long. The funeral scene was great and I think it would have been a bit overkill to spend 10+ minutes of them grieving. If the movie was allowed to run longer, than that would have been fine, but with the somewhat short run time, I was fine with it.

The thing that really pissed me off and I'm shocked that some people actually preferred this fight over the other action scenes in the movie was the fight with Kurse. I haven't read too many Thor comics so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Algrim/Kurse his own villain and not someone's right hand man? He was completely wasted in this film. He knocks Mjolnir away twice, throws a boulder then punches Thor in the face a few times...then Loki kills him, not Thor. People complained about the end fight in IM2 with Rourke, but I thought that was fairly decent, especially since the fight with the drones I consider to be part of the overall end fight.

The fight with Kurse was embarassing lame. The fact that he can be killed so easily is face palm worthy. So basically "The Kursed" just have super strength but when it comes to defense with that body armor they're no different than a regular dark elf.

I agree with you Octoberist about Darcy. I don't necessarily need her to have an arc, but I wish they actually gave her some meaningful or important dialogue. Every line Dennings had was a joke.

To those hardcore Thor fans that read the comics. In the comics does it really have huge Star Wars vibes like this film? I know Asgard is supposed to be far more advanced than Earth, but the shooting of lasers just didn't fit in that world for me.

Surprisingly I didn't mind the humor during the last fight but the fight should have had more scenes of Thor and Malekith beating each other down. It seemed like half of it was them simply falling and rolling down buildings and hills(in the other realm).

I'm going to give this film a second watch in the theater and see if I'll warm up to it a bit more, but I really don't know where to rank it against all the other Marvel Studio films. I will say I like it more than TIH and probabaly IM2 since those two are at the bottom for me. As of right now, I kind of like the first Thor a little more.

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