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Default Re: Daredevil reboot in the near future?

Originally Posted by Zarex View Post
Some of his more exceptional skills, such as radar sense, would be difficult to put just on training. If Netflix DD is able to read printed words through touch or isolate the sound of one cough from millions of people, he'll need some sort of boost. One way to tie the Netflix series together would be to have a truck carrying the same experimental genetic enhancement formula used on Luke Cage crash into Matt, creating his enhanced senses.
I really hope we get a scene similar to this, where he's sitting on a rooftop for hours and sifting through all kinds of sounds until he finds what he's looking for.

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I ask her during dinner, what's her top 3 favorite movies. If she doesn't list Star Wars as at least #2. I excuse myself to the bathroom and crawl out the window. :up:
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