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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Once my professional review is posted, I will link it. Here are some of my observations, in less than refined form.

I. Influences:

*Thor and Loki's relationship in the film is similar to that of Blondie and Tuco in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
*Dragonball Z also informed some of the later fight sequences, especially the final showdown: when Kurse hefted the boulder at Thor and when (Malekith) was punched into the mountainside, I thought, well, this is like a live action DBZ fight. It is awesome!
*H.P. Lovecraft. Selvig babbling out impossible physics and other realms in the asylum paid homage to the man's writing. All Selvig had to do was reference R'lyeh or Cthulu, and it would have been perfect.
*Malekith's Plan is a synthesis of doomsday plans from prior sources: the Dalek's Reality Bomb from the Doctor Who Series 4 finale, Zod's plan from MOS, and Nero's revenge from ST09.
*The Dark Elves' ship and armor are a blend of H.R. Giger's work and the design from the Mordor architecture and armor from LOTR.

II. Pros

-The film had terrific design.
-Loki had a terrific arc.
-It was nice having Jane assist with the takedown of the villain, instead of being helpless.
-No SHIELD presence.
-I felt like everyone contributed or did something important for the film; the Warriors 3 felt underused in Thor.
-No bad performances. Everyone was great.
-Nice end credits (I did not like the ones from Im3.)
-The film was grim, which was appropriate, considering the stakes.
-Abundance of Norse imagery + the Simonson + Kirby-Lee references

3. Cons

-Darcy was great - I love Kat Dennings' work-but, I felt she had a few too many one liners. Having her say something other than a joke every now and then would have been okay.
-Occasionally, some of the jokes fell flat (but, for the majority of the time, they worked well.)
-I wish they had expanded on why Selvig was at Stonehenge. I feel that there was a critical scene excised that would have expanded on the site's importance with the alignment of the realms. Just saying he was insane makes his arc inconsistent.

These complaints are minor. I loved the film and think it is the best comic book film offering this year (tho I have not seen Wolverine, yet. But, if the film is as accurate as the script, I suspect my rankings will remain the same.)

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