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Default Re: Early Thor Darkworld box-office predictions

Originally Posted by Moonwing View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Noooo....just no. Every review mention her character as useless wallpaper in this movie and her acting as wooden and uninterested as it could be. And marvel know it -they deleted two scenes with her and redone the ending to not let movie end on a note that Thor run back to her. Only small scene in after,after credits that GA didn't watch normally. So nop, no Portman in avengers 2.
That's BS. I could link you to several or more reviews that were very positive about the Jane character. The PR for a female character like Jane, coupled with Natalie Portman's star power and talent would make for a nice addition to Avengers 2 even if no more than a cameo scene or two. Natalie has worked hard doing the publicity rounds here and international for the film. As for cut scenes, a number of them exist and I'm hoping fora directors cut.

But to say all reviewers hated NP or Jane in TDW is total BS.

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