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Default Re: More TV shows for Phase 3 was the right choice.

Originally Posted by CyclopsWasRight View Post
Am i the only one who feels that three films a year from Disney Marvel ontop of all the others from other studios will just lead to an oversaturation burnout?
there is always a risk of oversaturation with any major franchises. Same could be said if in several years we see a lot of Star Wars related media (TV and Movies) come out and they all interconnect with the new Star Wars sequels, spin-offs, prequel spin-offs, TV shows, etc.

Same could also be said if James Cameron becomes so obsessed with his Avatar franchise that he decides to make large numbers of spin off movies and even TV shows based of his Avatar Universe.

With the exception of the Muppets, Disney could have two oversaturated franchises in Star Wars and Marvel if they don't play their cards right.

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