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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Also I should clarify. Frigga's death is handled fine. When I say more time should be devoted to it I mainly just mean more in the form of reaction shots. Maybe pan to the faces and go slo mo or something so we witness the horror across their faces. I don't know. All I can tell you is that I just was not satisfied with how Thor reacted to it.

It needed to be more in the vein of how he reacted to Loki's death. Again, he was just too calm for my taste. I also think part of the problem was due to the 1st film's shortcomings that leaked into this one. These two barely have a relationship that we see in both movies, cause like I said, they really haven't spoken more than ten lines between each other across the two films. I'm sure that didn't help when it came to seeing the gravitas in Thor over it. So it's partially Branagh's fault.

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