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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Ok, saw it again. Was able to stay awake for virtually all of it(would nod off for a second or two occasionally toward the end but I don't think I missed anything crucial). It's definitely good. I enjoyed the movie and it was entertaining. It was about on par with IM3 for that factor yet lacking anything that would piss me off like the Mandarin twist. Malekith was pretty forgettable. He's a plot device, not a character. But the fight with him and Thor was great. All in all I'm settling on an 8/10 for this one which is the same score I gave Thor1. I liked certain aspects better and worse in each film but they average out the same. So I guess this wins the year for me by default among superhero movies which is something the first Thor didn't get to do because of Cap.

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