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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by warhorse78 View Post
So, those who saw it in 3D, how many of you did get the Captain America 5 minute preview? I would like to see it, but I have been reading that many people got nothing more than the CA WS trailer that's already online. So, is Disney just lying to try and get more people to see the more expensive 3D, or is there a legit 5 minute preview, or is it in just select cities?
It's more like a 2.5min preview ..... they show the "Before we begin, does anyone want to get out?" elevator scene in it's entirety. Then they transition into a full trailer, one with new scenes that weren't in the other trailer.

That elevator scene is pure badassery. I gotta hand it to Marvel, they're smart by attaching that to the IMAX 3D showings of the film in order to get people to pony up some more money.

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