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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Dude you missed the point of all the previous posts, and you haven't done the Maths. Yes, 5000 people died, but 6,999,995,000 people LIVED !!!!

Yes there was murder and mayhem, at the hands of the Kryptonian invaders who were casually redesigning Earth's atmosphere to make the human race
EXTINCT ! In fact, your use of the word "succeed " seems incorrect, as clearly the Kryptonians plan failed, with the human race being mostly intact at the end of the film.
One major problem I have with conflict is that General Zod would have never found earth if Superman hadn't activated the spaceship. So theoretically, Superman sent a signal to alien race in his quest to find himself. Attracting General Zod and not containing or fighting him away is a major failure that overrides all the random sailor man he saved on a ship thoughout his life. Clark's decision to explore his identity ultimately becomes a horrific burden to mankind.

Another thing I feel is a big copout for those who defend Snyder's directing of this film is arguing that because he's in beginning of his career he doesn't have enough experience saving people. I would argue that saving people isn't so much as an issue of experience, but more an issue of character and compassion that is sorely lacking in this film.

Ultimately, I don't get impression Superman really cares much about people of Metropolis.

I believe there are significant number of people who would intervene if they saw someone being assaulted in a fight and try hardest to get the victim to safety, regardless of how much experience they have in actually defense or saving lives. They may not necessarily succeed, but they would try. I would expect Superman to have at least that much character running through his blood.

Instead, in this film, Superman is ultimately oblivious or nonchalant to destruction going on around him, making no attempt to save anyone while fight with General Zod is happening. Compare that to Superman II, where General Zod even mocked Superman for treating human race like precious pets.

Look at this MOS video, starting at 1:25.

General Zod throws a tank truck at Superman...and instead of making slightest attempt at stopping it from hitting the building...Superman just jumps over it and doesn't even look back, leading to destruction of entire parking lot as it crumbles faster than any building did on Sept 11. How many people could have been saved if Superman showed bit of awareness of his surroundings.

If you choose to display mayhem on film equivalent or more horrific than Sept have to tread carefully and meaningfully. How did you feel when you saw Sept 11 unfold on that very day? Is Snyder asking us to harbor that pain and dread when watching this blockbuster film? Would you feel triumphant after experience dread and destruction on this magnitude? Would vast majority of citizen in that city be ecstatic at Superman coming out of shadows after such mayhem..especially when his presence indirectly caused the destruction? Is Superman's presence and respect in the world much more important than massive loss of live Metropolis encounters?

Instead, Wouldn't it be reasonable some of them will hold him accountable and fear Superman?

The fact of matter is this...if I lived in alternate reality where Nolan's Batman watched over a city ...and Snyder's Superman watched over another, I would feel pretty safe under Batman and horrified under Superman. I would leave city immediately if Snyder's Superman lived in my town. There is no reason the federal government should trust an alien entity like Superman after what has just transpired. You can't give a being that much power...then not give him any responsibility, then hail him as some great hero. It doesn't work that way. You have to view as reasonable threat, a source of calamity in the city of Metropolis.

That's MOS's biggest problem...the lack of hope or compassion despite all the nice sci-fi gadgets and epic-level fight scenes.

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