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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
You're right.

We need more exposition of Frigga's funeral so people could be convinced certain characters actually felt the impact. Then we need more of Sif displaying the jealous "Please love me instead of her!" act. We also needed more development for Malekith's motivations. We needed more of the Warriors 3 ......

C'mon people ..... seriously. If they caved to all these "we need MOAR!!!" the movie would be insanely long. Something like Mal's motivations is far more important that Sif being in love with Thor. It's unimportant to the story. It's just a fanboy want.
Yeah, you're not being defensive at all. I didn't like how this aspect of the movie was handled (am I in the wrong thread?). There is virtually no difference between me saying that and you saying "Bor had a major presence (wish we could've gotten so much more of him)" or complaining about Thor's moping not being a more central arc. But by all means, dismiss my opinion as unimportant fanboy want.

For the record, I thought the funeral was great and conveyed the gravity of the situation. Malekith was frankly uninteresting to me.

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