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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

It was aight. Loki was the best part of the movie, with the Captain America cameo being an unexpected highlight that got to show off Chris Evans' sarcasm chops in a unique way. Some of the visuals were fantastic and some looked so OTT in color-correction and digital imposing, like the skies of the Dark Elves' world. I always hate when people say CG looks like a video game, since it basically never does, but the opening had a very cutscene-y feel to it.

The final battle was great and I didn't think the humor interrupted the flow of things, even if plenty of it throughout the movie felt a little forced. Like they were more obligatory humor moments than ones that felt naturally weaved in by the writers. Speaking of which, it's very apparent that several different writers worked on the script. The off-kilter structure and muddled character stuff (namely Malekith's shockingly unthought-out blandness), as well as hefty bits of exposition, showcase it.

I was also surprised they didn't touch on the romance from the first anywhere near as much as Feige said they would. He was saying all the right things about how they should delve into whether or not the two even like or know each other, but then I guess the script made its rounds and they either scrapped or ignored that point.

As I mentioned, Loki's the best part. Because even though he's a villain, he's almost like the voice of reason. Since his humbling, Thor is always so serious and dramatic about nearly everything, but Loki clowning it up this time is perfect to be his foil and say, "chill the **** out" while maintaining the drama of what's happening. I dunno, he's just weirdly more relatable than Thor.

Basically, this and Thor 1 sort of balance each other in a way. Thor brought the surprising heart, charm, and playfulness, while The Dark World brought the action, stakes, and aesthetic (for the most part). I had fun and Loki was fantastic, but I think this may have been one of their weaker movies. I think if Thor was more relatable, or at least had an engaging personal arc in this (I thought this was going to be all about him learning more personal sacrifice? There was a teeny bit of that, but it felt almost empty), it would have been vastly improved. And all the people *****ing about Loki not using his shapeshifting in the previous movies are not watching these movies right.

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