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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
I agree that the funeral scene lost some of its weight because we never really got to know Frigga. It was the same awful formula The Walking Dead has used so many times--build up a character and give them something to do two minutes before they die. It's not enough to make anyone care.

I also found Thor's lack of reaction after to be strange.

On the flip side, the funeral scene was outstanding. It looked fantastic.
I agree, the sequence looks great. It is just kinda hollow.

Originally Posted by tay1 View Post
Did Thor not set out to kill Malekith?
He went after Malekith for Jane. If he had listened to his father she'd be dead, but Malekith would have never got the Aether.

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Oh Thor had that angry scene with Loki. Plus one of the points this film is making is the maturation of Thor's character. He's got a job to do and the entire Asgardian universe is depending on him to get it done. Not the time to wallow in grief.
I am not asking for super amounts of grief. I am asking for him to not seem so damn casual when confronted with Malekith.

Loki was able to get both of his jobs done while still showing the effect of what has happened to him. Odin as well, though it isn't paid much attention.

And if we are talking the maturation of Thor, he wouldn't have been sulking for the past two years over Jane while he had a job to do protecting the Nine Realms. He wouldn't have left Asgard at the end, the one place available to him that can give him access to actually protect all Nine Realms.

Isn't that interesting. I want to protect the Nine Realms. But I am going to do it by stranding myself on Earth...

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