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Default Re: Best Action Scene

Originally Posted by seahammer View Post
How is Malekith knocking him out or being stuck somewhere else better than what we got? And how is what we got embarrassing in the first place? Embarrassing to who?

...I wasn't embarrassed.

Malekith almost wins because Thor was stuck on a subway, he was stuck on a subway. Just read that sentence. The stupidity coming off of it is ridiculous. Its so stupid I can't believe someone actually came up with it. He wasn't off fighting some other minion, or stuck on another planet powerless to stop Malekith. He was stuck on a subway. An effin subway. Having him run back to the battle would have been better than that. Or how about he starts to run and then mjolnir comes in to save the day. The battle was already too long and tiresome and then they added that and ugh. just terrible.

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