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Default Re: Ruffahulk Ruffasmash

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
Do you know what a big difference between Ang's Hulk and TIH was? The same difference between Superman Returns and Man of Steel. Hulk had an equal to smash and get smashed back by. He wasn't just swatting flies having an existential crises, he was a hero, going up against a superior force and winning with an old fashioned beatdown.

Any successful Hulk movie will also have this. Now Leader can be there in the background, but Hulk has to fight another gamma monster whom the audience cares about and respects and thinks is menacing. Gamma Dogs won't do.

So unless you can come up with a better answer (Avengers had Thor and an alien invasion), Red Hulk is your ticket to success. Sorry.

Perhaps a revamped Abomination, or introduce Leader's brother Madman?
An army of Humanoids?

Or my own admittedly crazy as hell idea, Annihilus (in a story that brings Bruce to a cosmic forefront, whether or not he and the Other Guy are prepared for that sort of thing).

Basically anything but a Hulk repaint please.

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