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Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
I'd especially love to see how Bruce and friends handle the likes of Vapor and X-Ray, whom may require a little more finesse and cleverness to dispatch of than the Hulk can provide. But Vector and Iron Clad would make for great smashing targets to satisfy the need for Hulk action.

I don't think anyone really knows if Annihilus is actually included with the FF deal. Apparently they don't have the Kree, and maybe that means they don't even have the Skrull. Maybe they only bothered securing rights to Doom, the Surfer and Galactus?

The inclusion of what is going on in Banner/Hulk's mind would allow the audience to understand how Hulk could come up with tactics to deal with foes. Plus, it would give Mark R. a chance to do some more character stuff while having Hulk on screen.

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