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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 2

Just got back from my second viewing and it pleases me to say that the movie plays MUUUUUUUUUUCH better the second time around. I can't say enough about that.

Within this movie is potential for the best and most ambitious MCU solo adventure. What prevents it from achieving that status is as follows:

1. Unbalanced editing. Whoever was at the controls did an awful job in the first portion of the film, particularly the opening 15-20mins. There was an unnecessary rush job on the Bor prologue, which I will go on to discuss in a bit. They also spent too much time scene splicing when it didn't need it. A great example is how they spread out the Dark Elves awakening from their slumber, them arriving home on Svartelheim, and then the plan for the attack on Asgard where Alrgim agrees to become Kurse. The first two of those should've been one seamless flow together. By breaking them up it made the film seem like it was jumping around too much. Btw, how did Algrim arrive at the BiFrost site in tow with the rest of the prisoners? That was never clear in the film.

2. There are a couple completely unnecessary scenes. Remember that odd arrangement of the post-cred scene in CA:TFA? They did it again to this film. We absolutely DID NOT need to see Jane and the others eating breakfast discussing Thor not having returned yet. That scene undercut the climax (which I will also discuss my qualms with). They would've been better served showing Thor's talk with Odin/Loki and then have him show up back at Jane's apartment. There were also some terrible shots of Darcy, Selvig, and Jane running around as some of the Dark Elves were chasing them. It made the DE's look like cartoon buffoons in pursuit.

3. I said this in my original review, but they did a disservice giving the Dark Elves their own language. I understand why it was done, but it was a luxury, not a necessity. The reason people complain about not enough Malekith/Kurse and not enough development is because it's lost in having to read subtitles. You're not able to sit there focusing squarely on the characters as they're interacting and by the time Malekith speaks English we're already halfway into the film. It's almost a slight of hand because Mal/Kurse get pllllllllllenty of screen time.

4. The prologue should've been later in the film. They basically ended up rehashing the same exact story of Convergence/Aether when Jane is on Asgard as Odin begins reading from that book. It would've better served the structure of the movie if they showed the events of the Bor prologue during that book reading. It also would've been for the betterment of the film if they had given Bor a little more to do. Maybe it's just me, but in the small window of dialogue we get from him, I couldn't help but want MOAR BOR! Seriously, he had such a presence. But he only speaks a few words and then he's gone. He's too important of a character to the story for being a throwaway.

5. Marvel still needs to hire somebody who can help them take the next step with the fighting skills and choreography of their heroes. It looks like we're probably going to get it with CA:TWS, but Thor still lacks any distinction. I mean we've had three movies now of he same thing with him. He's powerful. He hits people with his hammer. He generates lightening. That all becomes a crutch. Maybe spend some of that CGI money to get somebody in there who can bring the fighting to life. That is such a huge part of what makes us geek out over these heroes. The best fight sequence in the whole movie happens during the beginning prologue. Everything else was cookie-cutter. I thought they sacrificed fighting "style" for zany capers as Thor/Malekith transport through the voids in the convergence. I was actually going to say something about seeing Thor get his face beat in by Kurse, but as I was going to type it I just realized watching Kurse pummel him like that was actually necessary. With a character like Thor, movies run the risk of suffering from the perception of his so-called "invulnerability". Btw, Kurse is probably the most hardcore villain we've had. I couldn't get enough of him, from his look to how imposing he was.

Back to the Thor/Mal fight. When Thor walked into the red mist, all would've been forgiven and people wouldn't have complained so much about the comedy lowering the stakes if we got something more creative. Instead we get Thor launching Selvig's portal spikes and then some weird running/leaping hammer hit that launches Malekith back. We already saw that kind of thing earlier in their fight as their blows would send each other long distances. I will have to say though, the "Convergence" allowed for destruction and a display of power without having to deal with the mass casualty issue recently abuzz after MoS

6. There are no memorable lines or sequences in the movie that'll etch themselves into CBM history. You'd think there'd be at least one.

So yeah, I originally gave it a 7.0/7.5 but I'm moving this up to an 8.5 .... I think other criticisms of the film are unwarranted and many of them are strictly personal wants which have nothing to do with how the film was actually executed. One of those was the love triangle some were desperate for. It's pretty clear in the film Thor doesn't feel that way about Sif, so why drag it out longer than it needs to be. They hinted at it from Sif's side and at least it leaves the door open down the line if they ever want to explore that angle in future films.

The Warriors Three have plenty to do, far more than the first, each with his own defining moment which portrays their comic book likeness ..... only person who gets shortchanged is Hogun. Nobody can argue against that. But we did get his stache finally! LOL. Heimdall got to shine, but I still want sooo much more of him, which isn't a bad thing. Albeit when the BiFrost was closed, he technically had nothing to do and should've been at the castle fighting some more. I understood all the stuff happening with the Convergence way better this time and it made more sense that there was so much discussion of it in the movie. I mean after all it's supposed to be a huge event considering it only happens once every 5,000 years.

The cinematography and SFX are top notch. Brian Tyler really brought it was his score, albeit it was a bit choppy in moments when Thor/Loki were in Svartelheim. There was more than enough serious tone in this movie once Jane arrived on Asgard, especially upon Frigga's death. Really loved seeing the lightening hit Mal' face as Thor is desperately running in to her defense. Her funeral procession was probably one of the most beautiful sequences in the entire film. I really couldn't care less if Thor wasn't wearing his helmet, such a knit picky complaint. They drove home the sadness in the musical score. Honestly, I think some of the detachment when it come to Frigga's relationship development has to do with Russo's acting. She's a little flat in delivering her lines, much like in the first film. Another thing about the "seriousness" is Marvel doesn't want it lingering for too long. I respect that because it's not that kind of film. They like you to get a little sad and then follow it up with some laughter because the movie is supposed to be fun, not depressing. Kind've like that family member at a funeral who tries to make you smile regardless of the occasion.

The Captain America cameo is worth the price of admission alone. I still can't stop laughing thinking about it. Kudos to Marvel for giving us that in such creative fashion. I really never saw it coming, though months ago Evans did an interview in which he discussed the possibility of that kind've thing.

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