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Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
Now that I think about it, getting inside Bruce's head while he's Hulked out would be brilliant. It would ease us into at least some Peter David territory and allow for banter between Bruce and the Hulk that would harken back to JARVIS and Tony.

No idea what Liv is up to but I'd enjoy her return as Betty.

And yes, the U FOES could make for some very interesting encounters and visual spectacles. I'm almost wondering if we should just delay the Leader's debut and make Vector the ring leader villain for Ruffalo's first solo outing.

The interplay between Banner and Hulk is what a film series would need. And nobody did it better than David. Hulk needs to have some way of allowing the audience to see how he feels towards Banner, and it should not just be one note. Believe it or not it can be complex. How would Hulk feel about Betty potentially being pregnant? If Banner is still planning on taking the risk of finding a cure, no matter how Zen he seems about it currently, I'm guessing Hulk would have some kind of reaction.

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