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Default Re: The next Wolverine film?

Would another Weapon plus facility be that hard to believe? You don't want the same exact thing we have already seen multiple times. You gotta switch it up, give a different motive and improve it. Or else whats the point? We've already seen Stryker pull the experiment **** on Wolverine, Deadpool, Deathstrike and other mutants. There is zero mystery or surprise when it comes to Stryker. They played every hand they can with him and his experiments, and we are probably gonna see that played out yet again in DOFP (hopefully Logan kills him somehow). There are other characters out there to use.

The whole issue with adding X-23 is she would be a redundant addition if not handled correctly. You have to create some sort of new intrigue with the character and her creators. There has to be that contrast in scientests, one who happens to be her mother. We already saw Wolverines Origins neutered, no reason to do that with X-23. Give us something different with someone else in command to explore.

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