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Originally Posted by CoherentChaos View Post
Exactly and it would make Hulk into an underdog figure to go up against foes who would scoff at the idea of being challenged by by any being that hails from Earth, at least up until the point that he succeeds their expectations and collapses their face with his fist.

Which is sort of why I even entertained the idea of Annihilus. It'd be uncharted and unexpected territory for both Hulk and audiences. That being said, I think a mildly cerebral experience of getting into Bruce's head while pitting him against an "evil FF" would also be a brilliant, brilliant direction to take if the studio doesn't want him away from Earth yet.

How about a mix of The Crossroads mega arc (the post Hulk #300 stuff when Strange banishes Hulk to a place where he travels to various dimensions and worlds) and Planet Hulk?

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