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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by AnneFan View Post
I can sort of see what Superman was thinking in the moment of the neck snap. Watching the full end fight again, Superman, while invulnerable, was clearly on the back foot. Zod, bred to be a warrior, had the upper hand for the most part. I feel the “you die or I do” rings true. Superman had a moment and he used it, otherwise it was back to being slapped around skyscrapers. Perhaps he grows after this experience.

People make a lot about how everyone around Superman would view the act of ending Zod's life. How did the family he save respond? How will the world view one alien humanoid killing another of it's kind? Doesn't the film support Superman's decision to do what he did? All of that is besides the point. How SUPERMAN feels about what he did is what's important. We only got a glimpse, but it was a powerful one I think. He was forced to make a terrible decision and become the Last Son Of Krypton by his own hand. He had to sacrifice (as far as he knows) everything that was Krypton, all he had spent a lifetime searching for, so that Earth could live. Even if, as many argue, it was the right thing to do, it still affects him in a deep way. To my mind, Superman doesn't care if it was the only choice left to him. It still shocks and saddens him to his core, as I hope the taking of any human life would for a person of morality. Even justified, Superman cannot revel in some kind of victory, even if he knows that humanity was saved by his action. I would expect no less of Superman, and that scream... yeah that scream said it all to me.

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