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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by blumatic View Post
The issue of whether the film was good is not necessarily the issue. Some people don't think Thor 2 was a good movie but no one questions Thor himself.

The problem most people have with the film is the decision Superman makes. Had it been not Superman but instead Rambo, I don't think we would question his decisions as harshly.

Superman has had an identity crisis for couple of decades. This thread addresses who Superman is. Not necessarily how bad or good the film was. There's a relation but not the source of the topic.
Well it is about whether the film is good or not, it comes back to poor execution on Snyder's part, focusing too much on the wrong areas which is probably the best way to describe the film in general. The character journey is all over the place which doesn't help. The thing if the story and film in general was overall better then I'd argue there wouldn't have been the outcry that there has been.

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